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Who I am and what I believe

It is my belief that children learn best when they are at play. There are many different ways you can play with your child that can help stimulate their brains. Singing, building, organizing, plus so much more.

Let’s get real though. With the stress of work, family, friends, husband, wives, multiple children, one child, and housework, parents don’t always have time to come up with the best play-like activities for their children to do. As a friend pointed out to me as well, some of us just aren’t very creative and need help.

It is my goal to help parents/grandparents/caretakers find something here. Whether it’s a new activity or a new way of looking at life with your children. I will post activities, songs, ideas, in-action pictures, and random blurbs of information. It is also my goal to keep these things budget friendly and things you probably will already have around the house. Feel free to take what you want, and discard what you don’t.