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Tip: Let your child take the lead

When doing anything with your child, don’t expect them to perfectly grasp what you are doing. This is especially true for babies-preschool aged children. They understand a large concept, but they also have their own ideas even from a young age. Don’t worry if your child does something completely different from what you have set up. In fact, be proud. They have the confidence to come up with an idea and follow through with it. With you behind them, it makes them feel empowered. Unless your child is putting himself or others in danger, let him do what he wants with the activity.

For example, the clothespins game I posted, my son has played both games I have mentioned. However, the other day when I brought it out he instead put some of his small toys inside and gave them a “bath.” I thought this was fantastic! I would have never even thought of that. Even doing things like this, with their own ideas (something you or I would have never thought of) teaches them new things. It’s also a chance for them to show off and practice the skills they already have.

Benefits: We talked about bathing, numbers (how many items were in the bath), and body parts, in a fun and playful way. Things I said were “Do you think his head needs to be washed?” He would wash his head. “His foot looks so dirty.” Give your child a chance to talk too.

Laugh, play and learn away!